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Building a new world

Creating fanart is a massive joy. I absolutely love sharing my interpretation and homage to the things I love; Games, TV shows, books, movies - all of them have inspired me in their own unique way and have added so much inspiration and happiness to my life.

Fanart is something I'll always make and without these things providing that inspiration in my daily life, I dare to say, it would be far less colourful!

This has all led to me writing stories and creating art featuring my own original characters and worlds. In my teenage years and early adulthood, where time felt infinite and ideas bursting, I created more but as we all know life can get in the way of our ideas and dreams. We have to support ourselves, keep a roof over our heads, and ensure our adult responsibilities are taken care of (honestly, I COMPLETELY misjudged how much of my weekend would be spent cleaning the house and doing laundry...).

But as with anything in life you have to make time for the things you really want to accomplish. If you don't, then do you really want them? Fanart can be a good subject to grow your fundamental art skills and create something using source material that's already established but for such a long time I've wanted to create something that's completely mine. My own characters, narrative and world.

The Brotherhood of Steel comic I continue to write and illustrate is one of my running projects. I suppose, in a way, it combines an established world with some of my own interpretation and ideas, but the IP will still always belong to someone else.

So, I picked up my notebook from 2013. Back then I was working on a book called 'Kindle & the Wizard'. The plot was all over the place, and I fell out of love with the characters. I lost touch with it while life had other plans.

Kindle and the Wizard, 2013

Illustration for 'Kindle & The Wizard', 2013.

I'm now working on it again and it's had a bit of an overhaul. Kindle is now 'Halliwell' (more on this later) and the wizards are now ordinary people but with a far more relatable backstory.

The story is heavily influenced by everything I loved growing up in the 1990's. Being a child during this decade really was a magical time; tamagotchis, SEGA, Playstation, Saturday morning cartoons, book fayres that used to come to school selling Goosebumps novels. As kids, we used to play outside a lot too and things felt safer. Everything had promise. Things feel a fair bit different as an adult and for those of us replaying our Crash Bandicoot and Spyro trilogies with their spruced-up graphics I hope this story will bring some of those warm memories back.

I've always loved working on two big projects with totally different styles. Brotherhood of Steel is mature, gritty, dark and full of military aesthetics, But when I want to work on something more laid back and fun I can switch to a more light-hearted project. It's nice to have that balance - I love dark and gritty and fun & colourful in equal measures it seems!

This story (which I have yet to name...I really need to sort out the NAMES of these projects...) also strikes a chord with me personally with the narrative revolving around the power of imagination. Life can be difficult and I want to create a world that almost gives this a personality of its own. Halliwell (named after Geri Halliwell who was my favourite Spice Girl...yep, a 90's thing!) is an embodiment of our imagination and how it takes different forms depending on what life throws at us. Her more playful forms are bright, endearing. When life comes at us with something that throws us off-balance, we may envision different things. This is reflected in her design which I'll share more of later.

Halliwell in her neutral/playful form.

As this project grows I'll share what I can in terms of character designs. I'm excited to show what the protagonist, Ffion, looks like!

Thanks as always to everyone for supporting my work.

Laura x

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