Commissions are open!

Commissions are now open. My aim is to adhere to the following timeframes for completion of work:

  • 5 character sketches per month (3 per month if 2 characters are requested)

  • 4 inked drawings per month (3 per month if 2 characters are requested)

  • 2 colour paintings (1 or 2 characters) per month.

If a full illustration is requested including multiple characters, props and a detailed background, this will be priority work and may take longer than a month to complete (though no longer than 3) depending on other commitments in my life such as my day job and family commitments.

Set prices for digital sketches, inks and character art is as follows:

Please note that the above prices are for character art only. If you would like a fully illustrated image or traditional work please get in touch via email or the 'Contact' section of my website as prices for these may vary.

Full illustration work includes:

  • An 'In-Situ' illustration featuring multiple characters, props and a detailed background (digital only - Procreate, Photoshop, or a mix of both)

  • Pet portraits (digital or traditional)

  • Caricatures (digital only - Procreate or Photoshop).

I am also open to creating logos/icons for websites such as Twitch and social media.

Payment and further details:

I only accept PayPal and payment will be accepted once the drawing is complete (for sketches) and when the sketch has been signed off (inks).

For more detailed work such as full colour character art, full illustration and logo designs, a 50% deposit will be payable once you are happy with your sketch design before the rest of the work is completed. Once complete, the remaining 50% will be paid and I will send a high-resolution file via WeTransfer or Google Drive. WIP time-lapse videos can also be sent on request (for work completed in Procreate).

I regret to say I do not accept NSFW commissions. If you have any questions about this please feel free to contact me via email or my website's contact page.

Media used

Digital art: Procreate, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator (for graphic art and logos).

Traditional art: Pencils, inks, watercolours.

Traditional art P&P

If you have requested traditional art, all materials are supplied by me. Postage and packaging are included in the final price. As with full illustration work, please contact me to discuss pricing.

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