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Productivity and having fun!

Hello everyone!

Something I've started doing lately is keeping a digital journal. Inspired by those iPad aesthetics videos on TikTok (yes, I use TikTok...I'm one of those millennials that downloaded it as 'a joke' and then quickly became hooked...). I've always kept physical planners, journals and gratitude lists on-and-off over the years but could never stick with one and update it. A bit like this blog really...hah.

Anyway, I've recently downloaded GoodNotes for iPad and purchased a template from Happy Downloads (here's the link to their website if you're interested) and I must say I'm fairly obsessed! There are so many cute templates to choose from and it's so easy to customise how you want your planner to look and function. It's easy to drop in images, links, and you can make some stickers on Procreate and simply drag/from in the layer. I love it!

It's also been really good for me to plan my time in advance and think about what I want to prioritise on a daily & weekly basis. I've wanted to use my iPad for more than digital art for a while, so I bought a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse & a little stand to make writing easier.

Photograph of the first chapter draft of a book being written on an iPad.

All of this will help me stay on track with keeping consistent updates on this blog, too. I have some ideas for my website (and this blog in particular) so I can use it to discuss art and other interests I have - namely books I'm reading (I'm thinking perhaps book reviews?) games I'm playing and artists & creatives who inspire me. With GoodNotes, I've also been using my iPad to start piecing together my illustrated book 'Hiraeth' from a bunch of notes I've kept for years. It's a story that's been on my mind to write and illustrate for such a long time but so, SO much has happened in the last few years (new house, new job, etc!), and finding the time to sit and get into it has been difficult. Cutting down on things like social media etc has helped me to allocate more time to the things that I love.

I'm looking forward to sharing more here, and I hope these little posts inspire you!


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